10 villains we want to see in 'The Sinister Six'

2. Doctor Octopus


The inclusion of Doctor Octopus is a must for the Sinister Six, and the Ultimate version of the iconic villain would fit perfectly into the world of The Amazing Spider-Man. Rather than the overweight and easy to ridicule Otto of the classic comics, this one is far more physically imposing and has ties to Oscorp and Spider-Man’s creation (two things which could easily be established in this spin-off). For those of you who have read Ultimate Six – a storyline which would be really well-suited for an adaptation like this, especially in regards to Spidey’s involvement – the relationship between Norman and Doc Ock is fascinating, though that might require some changes with Harry likely to be the leader here. Still, with a far more confident and sadistic Otto, we could have a co-lead here who would top Alfred Molina’s portrayal from Spider-Man 2.