10 villains we want to see in 'The Sinister Six'

8. Kraven the Hunter


Another villain who might be featured in Sinister Six due to popular demand is Kraven the Hunter. He may only be human, but it’s not hard to imagine Harry Osborn drafting him in to help track and take out Spider-Man! If Chameleon is also chosen as a member of the team, there’s a family dynamic there which could also come into play. The Ultimate line of comics could be a good place to turn for inspiration when it comes to bringing this character to life on the big screen as seeing Spidey beat him with one punch would be immensely satisfying and is what you have to imagine would happen if they really were to come to blows. Of course, there’s every chance that he could get an Oscorp sponsored upgrade and regardless of his portrayal in terms of powers, you have to imagine that Kraven would bring something very different to the team.