Morbius - Trailer 1 - SPN - Featured - 01video

Morbius trailer – Spider-Man references abound (UPDATED)

At long last, the first Morbius trailer has arrived, and it may present us with more questions than anything. Jared Leto was cast as Morbius...
Daily Bugle - Video 3 - Featuredvideo

Daily Bugle site updated to blame Spider-Man for Coney Island destruction

You have to give it to Sony Pictures, it is really playing into its new Daily Bugle website. Once again the website of the fictional...
The Daily Bugle websitevideo

J. Jonah Jameson unmasks Spider-Man in new Daily Bugle video

Sony has updated The Daily Bugle website once again, and it's with a new video of J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) spreading more of...

Spider-Man: Far From Home Honest Trailer – Everyone wants to date May

Honest Trailers are not the be all, end all of movie criticism, but they often do raise valid points. Such as, this version of...
Shutterstock - Bob Iger - JStonevideo

Bob Iger confirms that Tom Holland helped with the Spider-Man deal

Did you believe the story that Tom Holland helped bring Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures back together? Well, you should have because he did...
The Daily Bugle websitevideo

Sony launches a Daily Bugle website

Do you hate that menace, Spider-Man? Well now there's somewhere you can share your thoughts and hear all the latest J. Jonah Jameson has...
Spider-Man Far From Home - London Photo Call - Featured - 02video

Zendaya discusses MJ’s mental state in Spider-Man: Far From Home

How would you handle it if you disappeared from the universe for five years and suddenly came back? Zendaya has some thought on how...
Spider-Man Far From Home - Official Images - Character Poster - Featuredvideo

Spider-Sense gets an awkward new name in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Ever since the Tom Holland version of Spider-Man came on the scene, there's been a lot of talk about his Spider-Sense. Originally there was...

Spider-Man Far From Home new footage arrives in trailers

New Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers and TV commercials are showing up around the world, and they are bringing with them some new footage. As...

Jimmy Kimmel Live shares a special Spider-Man: Far From Home scene

Marketing is in full swing for Spider-Man: Far From Home, and as with all Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, that means a stop by Jimmy...

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Hasbro - Marvel Legends - Marvel Retro - Mysterio - Featured - 01

Hasbro launches Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man line

Hasbro is off to the races with a new Marvel Legends line that is going to celebrate the fun of the 1990s Toy Biz...

Morbius moves to 2021 as Sony shuffles schedule

As the world continues to deal with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, Sony Pictures has announced a major shakeup to its upcoming film...
Shutterstock - Jake Johnson - Kathy Hutchins

Spider-Verse actor is here to help you through the coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps people home across the planet, it seems that Spider-Man is here to give you some help. Lockdowns are expanding across...
Woody Harrelson - Venom End Credits - 1

Tom Hardy debuts first image of Cletus Kasady from Venom 2

Filming continues on Venom 2, and so far we haven't seen too much of the cast and their looks for the film. Tom Hardy...
Marvel Logo

Sony sets release date for mystery Marvel movie

Let the guessing games begin because Sony Pictures has set the date for an unknown Marvel movie. On Tuesday, Sony set a release date of...