10 villains we want to see in 'The Sinister Six'

5. Hobgoblin


Of all those suggested on this list, the Hobgoblin seems the most unlikely, but there are a number of ways that they could actually include him. In the Ultimate comics, Harry is actually known by this name while his father is the Green Goblin, so perhaps that will be the case if Norman returns somehow? There’s also a lot of potential if they were to go for Roderick Kingsley or Phil Urich, and having more than one Goblin on the team could lead to some great scenes as he challenges Harry’s right to lead the team. We’re not quite sure how they’d handle his origin, but the relationship and rivalry between the different Goblins has always been fun to see in the comics and it’s not hard to imagine that being the case in Sinister Six either. The Hobgoblin is a great villain and deserves the big screen treatment…is this the right place for him to debut though?