10 villains we want to see in 'The Sinister Six'

6. Vulture


As with another villain who we’ll talk about a little later in this feature, there were some strong hints in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that we will see The Vulture in Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six. Of course, you have to ask yourself, why would Harry recruit an old man like Adrian Toomes? Changes could be made to his appearance, bit we actually think it would be interesting to embrace his age for a possible appearance in the movie. Imagine if you will that with Harry cut off from Oscorp, Toomes is the one funding Gustav Fiers (“The Man in the Hat”) and that the old man blackmails his way onto the team utilising the tech which we saw stored up in the recent sequel! It’s one of many possibilities, but the look of this bad guy and the powers which he uses could lead to some great visuals as he takes flight in battle against…Spider-Man?!