Shriek reportedly added to the mix of Venom 2

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It looks as though Carnage may be getting a friend in Venom 2.

According to sources speaking with Deadline, the current version of the script includes the introduction of Shriek, Carnage’s adoring super-powered girlfriend. In the comics she is a mutant with sonic powers and the ability to fire focused blasts. We imagine due to the recent change in ownership in “mutants” from Fox to Marvel Studios, that part of her origin will be eliminated, but they will more than likely keep her powers.

Sony declined to comment on the report due to the early stages of the project. There is every chance she could be edited out in later revisions, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Sources say, however, that the role keeps expanding and it looks as though she will be in the final version for sure. “Right now the role is not filled, the net is cast wide toward many kinds of actresses,” one source said, and added that the filmmakers are “looking mostly at unknowns right now.”

Andy Serkis is currently assembling his crew and cast, so imagine a lot of changes in the near future.


SOURCE: Deadline