Sony and Marvel Studios reportedly part ways on Spider-Man franchise

In what could be the most shocking news of the week, Sony Picture and Marvel Studios have reportedly parted ways on the Spider-Man franchise.

According to a report from Deadline, Sony and Disney have been unable to reach an agreement on continuing their partnership. Reportedly Disney was looking for a 50/50 split going forward, but Sony wouldn’t even entertain the idea and walked away.

Both director Jon Watts and Tom Holland have agreements in place for two further films, but that will be done without Kevin Feige’s involvement, or Marvel Studios as a whole.

This is a surprising turn of events for the franchise with Spider-Man: Far From Home just becoming Sony Picture’s highest grossing film ever. You would think the studio wouldn’t want to upset the apple cart, but it seems that just isn’t to be.

One would also suspect this means we will see no further involvement from the likes of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and Spider-Man won’t be showing up in any further Marvel movies.

For now, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are offering no comment.


SOURCE: Deadline