Venom Scores Another Massive Weekend in China

Venom just keeps adding to its box office total it seems. Following the massive success of its opening weekend in China, the film took in another $51M this weekend. This brings its total in China alone to $207M, just $3M shy of what it has done in the U.S.

Globally this is turning into the film that could. With $210M domestic and $570.5M from the foreign markets, the film now stands at a global total of $780.53M off of a $100M budget. The ‘back of the napkin math’ you use to determine if a movie has broken even is to double its budget. In this case, Venom would have needed $200M to be considered profitable. While that makes the excess $580M all look like profit, it’s not, but this film is still a big success for Sony Pictures.

The oddest part of this entire event, however, is still the silence about a sequel. Typically studios like to announce those types of things while the first one is still on everyone’s mind. Perhaps they are saving that for the home video release which should be coming up in six weeks or so. It seems inevitable at this point so  it would just be nice if the studio would put us out of our misery and announce that Venom 2 is indeed coming.