Venom Takes the Chinese Box Office by Storm

Venom finally opened in China this weekend, one of the last major markets it had yet to hit. The film took in a staggering $111M to make it the second biggest superhero film opening in the country behind only Avengers: Infinity War.

This is also a very notable weekend for Venom as China’s total pushed the film to a global total of $673.5M off of a budget of a budget of $100M. At this point it just seems like a waiting game to hear the announcement of Venom 2. Considering the credit’s scene we were treated to, we’re all super anxious for this announcement. One has to wonder what is keeping Sony from finally pulling the trigger and making it official.

In what has also become somewhat of a tradition now in reporting on superhero movies, this new total means that Venom has surpassed the global total of Justice League which was $657.92M. With some estimates pegging that film’s budget at $300M, Venom looks even better on the balance sheet of comic-based films.