Morbius tops the box office in its opening weekend.

Morbius - Trailer 1 - SPN - Featured - 01

The numbers are in for the first weekend of Morbius, and it’s a decent result.

Following a slew of negative reviews, the public got its say when it comes to the latest expansion of Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man universe. In the United States the film is slated to take in #39 million this weekend including the Thursday night previews.

Internationally, the film took in $44.9 million from 62 markets and broke down as:

  • UK ($4.2M)
  • MEX ($3.8M)
  • FRA ($3.3M)
  • KOR ($2.6M)
  • OZ ($2.5M)
  • ESP ($2.2M)
  • JPN ($2M)
  • ITA ($1.9M)
  • BRA ($1.8M)
  • GER ($1.8M)
  • INDO ($1.4M)

This brings the global total to $84 million.

With a budget of $75 million – not counting marketing and other associated costs – this is a good start for the film’s run. It does, however, face some heavy competition next weekend with the release of Sonic 2.