Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes 8th highest grossing film ever

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is setting the box office on fire as it continues to climb the charts of all-time hits.

This weekend brought in another $33 million in the U.S. for the third Spider-Man film to bring its domestic total to $668.8 million. This puts it sixth on the all-time domestic box office chart. It will easily pass number five, Avengers: Infinity War, this week with only $10 million dollars to go.

Thanks to $867.5 million from the international markets, the film now has a global total of $1.536 billion, placing it eighth on the all-time global box office list.

Considering the state of the box office in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, these numbers are simply staggering. Globally it is now the highest-grossing non-Avengers Marvel Studios film, and that says a lot about the popularity of Spider-Man. The only question now is how many more films we can get out of this series. There is very little chance that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios will allow Tom Holland to hang up his webshooters quite yet.