Marc Guggenheim set to write Jackpot for Sony Pictures

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The Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC) is about to get a new member as Jackpot is being set up for her own film.

Sony is determined to put its cache of Marvel characters to work so long as it holds the rights to Spider-Man’s corner of the Marvel Universe. With that in mind, and along the same thought process as Venom and Morbius, Jackpot has been selected to receive a movie.

A lesser-known character, Jackpot is a superheroine with super strength. There have been two users to use the name with the first incarnation being Sara Ehret, a scientist, who, while pregnant, is doing gene therapy research and is exposed to “Lot 777” at her job at an Oscorp subsidiary. The virus rewrote the DNA in her cells, but her baby was born healthy. Her powers eventually kicked in when her family was threatened by falling debris.

Eventually she tired of crime-fighting and handed off her costume and name to Alana Jobson. A friend of Ehret’s, she needed to use a Mutant Growth Hormone to have the same abilities. She was eventually killed by the villain Menace and Ehret took back on the role of being a hero.

There has been no word as of yet as to which character will be in the film, but we imagine it will be Ehret.

No word yet on a timeline for production.