Spider-Verse actor is here to help you through the coronavirus

Shutterstock - Jake Johnson - Kathy Hutchins

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps people home across the planet, it seems that Spider-Man is here to give you some help.

Lockdowns are expanding across the world, and parents are trying to find ways to keep their children entertained as they obey the rules. One of those methods it seems is a lot of views of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Jake Johnson, who voiced Peter B. Parker in the film, has heard from a lot of parents, and he’s come up with a bit of a plan to help parents out.

Johnson took to his Instagram to say, “Since the quarantine a lot of parents have DM’d me saying they’ve been watching Spiderverse with their kids. A lot.”

He went on to add, “So, here’s my idea. If your child is home from school and wants a quick encouraging message from Peter B Peter [sic], then send me an email with their name and I’ll try and send over a short voice note. If I don’t get to you, I apologize. #stayhome”

We’re sure that email box is filling up pretty darn fast, but we still have to applaud him for taking the time.

Drop him an email, you never know, your kid may get a call.


IMAGE CREDIT: Shutterstock – Jake Johnson – Kathy Hutchins