Tom Hardy debuts first image of Cletus Kasady from Venom 2

Woody Harrelson - Venom End Credits - 1

Filming continues on Venom 2, and so far we haven’t seen too much of the cast and their looks for the film. Tom Hardy changed all of that on Monday sharing the first picture of Woody Harrelson’s return as Cletus Kasady.

Harrelson showed up in the credits of the original Venom as Cletus Kasady, the killer who would eventually become the symbiote Carnage. Now he’s back, and at least it looks as though his hair is a bit more under control.

Rumors have been circulating that not only will Venom have to contend with Carnage in this film, but that Shriek will also be along for the ride.

With only eight months until the release of the film, we imagine the pace of reveals start picking up pretty rapidly. Stay tuned.

Venom 2 hits theaters on Oct. 2, 2020.