Spider-Man: Far From Home breaks $1 billion at the box office

(l to r) Numan Acar, Tom Holland and Jacky Gyllenhaal in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: ™ FAR FROM HOME

Spider-Man: Far From Home has become the first Spider-Man film to cross $1 billion dollars globally.

Spider-Man: Homecoming took in $880M globally, with $334M from the domestic haul. The new film is at $333M domestically and $673M at the foreign box office.

This marks the 40th film to cross the $1B mark at the box office, and the ninth Marvel film to do so.

The rumor is that Far From Home needed to break $1B for Sony to consider continuing its agreement to allow Marvel Studios to use the character. This has not been officially announced, but if it’s true, then we should be all set for more Spider-Man adventures with Tom Holland.

If Sony was wise, they would just keep things as they are at this moment. There’s no need to try building momentum again with yet another series of films. Only time will tell what happens, but we’ll keep our eyes open.