Spider-Man game gets Far From Home suits update

Spider-Man PS4 - Stealth Suit - 01

You really have to hand it to Insomniac Games, it is really trying to add extra life to its Spider-Man game.

In celebration of the relase of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Insomniac Games has added two most costumes to the game. Once you download the 1.16 patch you will find the new Advanced Suit and Stealth Suit are available for use. Both of these suits appear in the new movie and will add just that much more fun to the game for you.

The fact that companies now support games for this long after release is something that should be applauded. Too often you see companies cutting corners and not paying attention to bugs, let alone adding fresh, free content. We’re all for it.

The Spider-Man game is wildly available, and Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently in theaters.


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