Spider-Man Far From Home video confirms someone else knows Peter’s secret

It seems that this new version of Peter Parker may be the worst ever at keeping his secret identity a secret.

While you can understand people like Tony Stark or Nick Fury figuring it out. Ned (Jacob Batalon) and Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) both learned by Peter being sloppy. And now someone else is going to learn.

We’re going to give you a buffer image before we get to the video in case you still aren’t sure you want to know.

If you’re still here, it’s on you now to be spoiled.

Lets face it, MJ (Zendaya) isn’t stupid. And it really is one aspect of a lot of superhero stories that has never set quite right with us as readers and viewers. No one is ever supposed to notice that people disappear just as a hero arrives? And if someone does notice, some lame excuse is given.

That’s one thing we’ve loved about these two Spider-Man movies is they find interesting ways to include things readers have thought about over the years. When I owned a comic shop years ago, I always wondered how Peter would move East to West across Central Park. North to South he could just use the buildings on the edges, but East to West he wouldn’t be able to cross large sections of it due to a lack of buildings.

In Homecoming we had him deal with an area with no buildings and we got to see him run across it.

It’s hard to keep superheroes fresh, and by acknowledging some of the inherent silliness of the genre, it’ll go along way towards doing that.

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2.