Spider-Man teams up with United Airlines for a safety video

In Spider-Man Far From Home, we’ll see Peter and his classmates head to Europe for a class trip. Apparently, they will be flying on United Airlines as that is who they’re now appearing in a safety video for.

United has released its new safety video that features appearances by Ned (Jacob Batalon), Flash (Tony Revolori), Delmar (Hemky Madera), and a photo of Stan Lee as “Employee of the Month.”

Nothing will stop Stan Lee from making a cameo.


Clearly, this means we’re going to see United Airlines in the film, and that’s fine. Product placement has definitely become a big part of the movie-making process. Just so long as it’s not obvious, we’re fine with it. And in a lot of cases, it feels better than just some randomly made up airline.

Expect to see a lot more promotion for Spider-Man Far From Home in the coming months.

Spider-Man Far From Home hits theaters on July 2.