Spider-Man Far From Home – Yes, Aunt May was missing as well

It seems that Spider-Man and his circle of friends got hit pretty hard by the Thanos snap in Avengers: Infinity War.

Do not read on if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet due to some spoilers.

If you’ve seen the latest Avengers film, then you know that those who disappeared after the Thanos snap were missing for five years. That means Peter (Tom Holland) has not aged, and we’ve already seen him reunited with Ned (Jacob Batalon). As MJ (Zendaya) and Flash (Tony Revolori) are still in high school, it’s safe to assume that they were also snapped.

Now we can add one more official name to the list, and that’s Aunt May (Marissa Tomei).

Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts sat down with Fandango for an interview and discussed a lot of how Endgame impacts the film. While a lot of details were left vague, one thing Watts wasn’t shy about was Aunt May’s status.

Fandango: What about Aunt May? We don’t see her in the trailer either… did she survive the snap and age five years or was she snapped?

Jon Watts: She disappeared and came back.

At least now we know she didn’t sit around worrying about Peter for the entire time. It does, however, mean that the two of them are pretty much starting their lives over now from scratch.

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2.

SOURCE: Fandango