Timing of Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed by Endgame directors

If you have not yet seen Avengers: Endgame, we are going to highly recommend that you just stop reading for now as this will relate to some spoilers for that film.

Jump below the picture if you’re good with the Endgame spoiling.

Joe Russo, one of the two directors of Endgame, has given an interview where he opened up a bit about when exactly Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place, and just how many characters may have disappeared for five years.

“The reason Spider-Man saw his friend [Ned] again in high school at the end was simply because his friends was unfortunately also dusted like Spider-Man was,” said Russo. He went on to add, “Of course, there are people in his grade whom didn’t die and they are probably already in colleges by now. To those dusted people, they had no conscious in these past 5 years. They didn’t know what happened. It’s as if they had just woke up from a long sleep. The only one who was aware about how many years has passed was Doctor Strange, because he has already seen that when he was time mediating on Titan. Parker’s reunion with Ned was a touching moment. There are also people whom indeed moved on but suddenly was reunited with their lost ones. Yeah it’s kind [of] a complicated world now.”

This, of course, also brings up some questions about the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer as it seemed to imply Peter was meeting Nick Fury for the first time when they actually would have met at Tony’s funeral. This wouldn’t be the first time that Marvel has done some fakeouts in a trailer, so we wouldn’t bank on anything right now.

It’s sounding like there could be quite a bit of fallout still to deal with from Endgame, and that might explain why Far From Home is considered the true ending of Phase 3 of the MCU.

Spider-Man Far From Home will hit theaters on July 2.