Spider-Man Far From Home gets new release date

It seems we’ll be able to enjoy Spider-Man Far From Home a few days earlier than we originally thought.

Sony has announced that it will be moving the release date for Spider-Man Far From Home up from July 5 to July 2 in the U.S. This makes a lot of sense with the July 4 holiday in there, the studio may as well try to control the entire time period.

There’s still some question about the exact time setting of Spider-Man Far From Home in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Peter Parker (Tom Holland) having met his demise in the ‘snap’ that occurred during Avengers Infinity War, we don’t know if this Spider-Man Homecoming sequel is set before or after those events. We should know more once Avengers Endgame hits theaters at the end of the month.

As to our predictions – and this is nothing more than our speculation – there is no way Spider-Man doesn’t come back to life in Endgame. But you just never know for sure what the movie studios may have up their sleeves.

Spider-Man Far From Home will hit theaters on July 2.