Funko announces Spider-Man Far From Home toys

Funko is already off to a busy week it seems, and it has announced its Spider-Man Far From Home Pop! figures as well as keychains, pens, and Mystery Minis.

Everything started on Sunday with the Avengers Endgame announcements, and here it is Monday and we’re already on to the second grouping of Marvel products. First up are the Pop! figures. We already know there will be some Spider-Man figures, but the new ones include Mysterio, Hydro-Man, and Molten Man. A glow in the dark Hydro-Man will be sold at Barnes & Noble, the glowing Molten Man will be at GameStop, and the glowing version of Mysterio will be at Wal-Mart. The helmetless Mysterio will be a Hot Topic exclusive.

Other items to keep an eye out for include the Pop! Pens and a Pop! keychain of Mysterio. The Mystery Mini figures will have a few exclusives.

  • Mysterio with spells, Spider-Man with gogoles up and Molten Man will be at GameStop
  • Unmasked Mysterio, Spider-Man, and Hydro-Man paint variant will be Walmart exclusives.

All of the products are labeled as ‘coming soon,’ so keep your eyes open for them.