Morbius set pictures and video pop up from Manchester

It seems people captured just about every imaginable angle of all the action going on in Manchester during the filming of Morbius.

The production team appears to have cleared out of Manchester now, but not before it apparently shot a lot of scenes including both Jared Leto and Matt Smith. The scenes were also clearly for different sections of the film as in some scenes Leto was in street clothes, but others had him in an orange prison jumpsuit.

Check out some of the Morbius photos and videos below.

According to reports on Friday morning, the production has closed up and moved on, but some reports indicate it will be back next week.

What has us curious now is the stunt in the orange jumpsuit has him appearing to fly. No images were caught on set of him decked out in white face paint. So is there a chance he is not going to physically transform to match the comics? Apparently, we’ll need to wait and see.