Hasbro shows off new Spider-Man toys at Toy Fair

Hasbro had a strong showing at Toy Fair 2019 earlier this month, and SpidermanNews was lucky enough to attend.

The display room was split up a bit with a large wall dedicated to Spider-Man Far From Home. While the company displayed several items from the upcoming film, it was notable that no Mysterio figure was on display despite his appearing in the trailer.

Overall, it was very basic items that were displayed along with some role-play items. We’re sure some more items will be revealed as the release of the film approaches.

In another section of the room we were treated to several additions to the Marvel Legends line. This included a new two-pack from Spider-Man: Homecoming that will include the first figure of MJ (Zendaya).

There will also be a lot of Spider-Man villains from the comics being added to the line including an impressive Scorpion with a 13-inch tail. You can check out images from the showroom below mixed in with officially provided ones from Hasbro.

It looks as though it’s going to be a great year for Spider-Man related figures!