Spider-Man PS4’s Second DLC Brings Hammerhead to New York

Insomniac Games this week officially confirmed when the second DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 will launch: November 20. The new content is titled “Turf Wars” and will see Spidey “butt heads” with Hammerhead.

The new DLC follows the first DLC released by Insomniac, known as The Heist, which was released at the end of October. In that DLC, Spider-Man is drawn into a conflict with the Maggia crime families after his ex-girlfriend, Black Cat, returns to New York.

Hammerhead is actually associated with the Maggia crime families known as the Hammerhead Family, so it all ties together. In the comics, Hammerhead is an amalgam of a 1920s gangster and modern maniac, with his first appearance coming in The Amazing Spider-Man #113, where he eventually earns a reputation as a ruthless crime lord.

The character is known for his unique appearance; after suffering an injury, some of his skull is replaced with steel alloy, giving his head a flattened shape. The game’s rendition of the character reveals that Hammerhead will have less of a flattened appearance, but rather a heavily scared forehead.

A third DLC is planned, but no release date has been revealed. For more on Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, you can read our review.