Venom Burgers Hitting in Japan – Do You Eat it, or Does it Eat You?

Japan loves a hamburger with a black bun. For years now there have been burgers with black buns as media tie-ins to various projects. The latest addition to this tradition is the upcoming release of Venom in theaters.

Parco department stores in Japan are going to be selling Venom related food items beginning this month and running for a few weeks.

First up, the Parco in Ikebukuro will be offering the “Venom Long Black Burger” that will feature purple cabbage and a bacon tongue. You’ll also be able to enjoy a Venom Waffle and a Berry Dark Smoothie.

For the keema and cheese curry dish, along with the sour chocolate berry boba drink, you’ll need to head up to Nagoya.

And finally, the Shizuoka location will offer its own take on the Venom burger with even longer tongue and eyes.

The stores will also be selling exclusive merchandise such as bags, but face it, we all are going for the food.

Source: Parco Via: Grapee