Marisa Tomei wanted Marvel to make her look older for 'Spider-Man'

The day Marisa Tomei was cast as Aunt May the internet immediately noticed that she was much younger, and more attractive than your typical idea of what Aunt May would look like.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark even calls her “Aunt Hottie” in Captain America: Civil War. But it turns out Tomei actually made a pitch for Marvel to make her older. She told the story on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night.

“You can imagine my horror when I was cast and I started doing the research, but then I thought “I’m going to go with it” and I actually made a case to go, to age me up, but no they didn’t do it.”

Check out Tomei’s comments in the video below around the 2:53 mark.

Are you happy they went with a younger Aunt May, or would you have preferred if Marvel “aged her up” a bit like Tomei wanted? Let me know in the comments below.