Let's help a fan's dream come true! #HomecomingForAngel

Angel Nuncio is a 14 year old boy with a big heart, and is also a huge fan of Marvel. He’s quite excited about the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film. Angel saw Captain America: Civil War on Netflix recently, and he absolutely adored Tom Holland’s take on the ole’ webhead. Unfortunately, due to Angel’s disease and treatment, he won’t be able to see the film in theaters when it hits in July.

By sharing Angel’s story, we here at Spider-Man News hope to raise awareness about Angel and make sure he can see the film early! If you want to help Angel, we need you to help get #HomecomingForAngel trending, in addition to sending out social media posts to the various official accounts related to Homecoming! If we can push this enough, we hope to get Angel early access to the film so he can get the opportunity to see it!

Please make sure to share this story. If we can, we would love to be able to make a positive difference in Angel’s life. Huge thanks to Casey Crow and Geeks of Color for putting this out to the public and bringing it to our attention!

SOURCE: Geeks of Color