Why Andrew Garfield is happy 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3' never happened

Sony was ready to commit to Spider-Man in a big way, and announced The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 before The Amazing Spider-Man 2 even came out. But after disappointing reviews, they teamed up with Marvel, rebooted the franchise with Tom Holland, and the rest is history.

The Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield loved Spider-Man ever since he was a kid, but admits that he’s happy The Amazing Spider-Man 3 never happened in a new interview with Fandango.

“To be honest, I would not have been able to work with Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese if I had done Spider-Man 3,” Garfield said in an interview about his roles in the upcoming movies Hacksaw Ridge and Silence. “I’m incredibly grateful that I get to now go and watch another man play Spider-Man who I think is a fantastic actor in Tom Holland.”

Garfield expressed interest in Marvel and Sony teaming up when he was still Spider-Man, but doesn’t have any hard feelings and is really excited to see what Tom Holland does next.

“You know what, it’s sliding doors, right? There are so many possible outcomes; so many positives and potential downsides to that situation,” he said. “If I am being totally honest, I am so excited Spider-Man is back in the hands of Marvel. I think that’s a really awesome move. It was a move that I’ve been advocating since I was offered the Spider-Man gig five or six years ago. I’m also excited for Tom Holland. I think he’s a very emotional, truthful, funny, physical actor, and I love the filmmaker — it all really couldn’t be in any better hands. I’m really stoked for it.”

SOURCE: Fandango