Does Marvel's new Spider-Man hoodie reveal his 'Captain America: Civil War' look?

Online shop Merchoid has been teasing the reveal of a new Spider-Man hoodie, but Marvel forbid them from showing it off… until now!

Many believe that this could be a hint at what Tom Holland will look like as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. The webbing on the hoodie has a “messy” look, perhaps the official suit will as well? Here’s what Merchoid had to say about it:

There’s been lots of talk online and people have been really excited that this could be what reveals the new look Spider-Man. However, Marvel is doing a fantastic job of keeping the new Spider-Man costume under wraps, so we haven’t seen it yet! What we can say is this hoodie was designed in partnership with Marvel, who provided all the design elements from their 2016 merchandise range, including the ‘messy’ webbing which we haven’t yet seen in any prior Spider-Man costume. We’re really excited to see what Spider-Man fans think! If this is the first look at the new costume, are you happy with the new direction?

Head on over to Merchoid to pick up the new hoodie, and let me know if you’d be happy with this look in the comments below!

SOURCE: Merchoid