Kevin Feige teases "spectacular" plans for Marvel's 'Spider-Man' reboot

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man will make his debut in Captain America: Civil War next year, but we still know very little about how the character will be portrayed both in that and specifically in his own solo outing in Jon Watts’ 2017 reboot.

We do however know that he’ll already be a superhero when we meet him (which thankfully means no spider bite and Uncle Ben death scene), and that his movie is going to be set in high school as Marvel explores the character’s teenage years in depth for the first time. Well, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has now weighed in on the decision to take Spider-Man in that direction, and just because he’ll be a student, that clearly doesn’t mean we won’t still be getting an epic movie based on these comments!

“It’s going to be as big and spectacular a Spider-Man film as has ever been made,” he promised. “But it’s a Peter Parker story and has more opportunity to be focused on the story of a 15-year-old kid going to high school.”

It’s interesting that Feige used the word “spectacular”, especially as the rumoured title of this reboot is Spectacular Spider-Man! With production on the movie set to begin next June, we’ll hopefully get some solid details on the title and what to expect in terms of the supporting cast and villains in the first half of 2016.

Do you think a high school adventure is the right direction for Spider-Man?

SOURCE: Empire Magazine (via CBM)