Tom Holland found out he was Spider-Man via Marvel’s Instagram

There was so much secrecy surrounding Marvel’s new Spider-Man, that they didn’t even tell the actor that he got the job! While promoting his new movie In the Heart of the Sea on Sway In The Morning, Tom Holland revealed exactly how he found out that he was the new Spider-Man.

“I was actually having a really bad day, and I found out on Instagram. I was in my bed, I was scrolling through Instagram, and Marvel had posted a photo of Spider-Man. It was like ‘Go to our website, and you’ll find out who it is.

“I opened the screen, and it said my name, and I went nuts!”

Holland didn’t know what to think, so he called his agents, and even they didn’t know if it was official or not. Finally, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige called Holland to let him know he landed the role.

That’s kind of crazy, but I guess it shows how much Marvel likes to be in control of things. They didn’t want there to be any chance of a leak, so much so that they had to keep their new actor in the dark! Listen to Holland tell the story in the video above.