Anthony Russo says Spider-Man was always a part of 'Captain America: Civil War'

Marvel didn’t announce their Spider-Man deal with Sony until earlier this year, but writer/directors Anthony and Joe Russo already had the web-slinger in their Captain America: Civil War script. And they didn’t have a “plan B” in case the deal fell through! Anthony Russo revealed the surprising story this past weekend at Comic-Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil. Comic Book Movie has the transcript:

“From the second we had the idea to do the story of Civil War, Spider-Man was a part of the story. It was a very complicated business arrangement for Marvel Studios to be able to use Spider-Man from Sony. So, we were always told by Marvel ‘Don’t count on it, you may not get to use Spider-Man, so you better have a plan B’ And we were like ‘Okay, we get it, we have a plan B if don’t get Spider-Man; we’ll figure the movie out’. But the truth is, we never had a plan B. We only have envisioned the movie with Spider-Man. He was always a part of the story. It was very important to us to reintroduce the character.”

That was pretty risky, but it looks like their gamble paid off! While at Comic-Con in Brazil, the Russos also revealed that Spider-Man’s costume will look familiar but have “a little twist”.

VIA: Comic Book Movie