Tom Holland weighs in on ‘Spider-Man’ teaming up with other heroes in the MCU

Andrew Garfield may have been unceremoniously dropped from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, but playing Peter Parker certainly helped put him on the map. The same will no doubt be the case for Tom Holland, and his excitement to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Spider-Man is clear to see in the video above.

As well as talking about getting advice from his In the Heart of the Sea co-star Chris Hemsworth about joining this world, Holland weighs in on taking a hero like Spider-Man – who for a very long time was portrayed as something of a loner in the comic books – and having him suddenly interact with the members of The Avengers.

While the actor doesn’t give too much away about we should expect from that, Holland seems confident in Marvel’s ability to deliver on that front, and you can’t blame him!

The first trailer for Captain America: Civil War was released last night (you can see it by clicking here), and while there was no sign of Spider-Man, we’ll obviously get our first look at this new version of the iconic wall-crawler in action in that highly anticipated release next May. Are you excited to see Spidey in the MCU?