Tom Holland shows off his Ultimate Peter Parker look for Marvel's Spider-Man

With roughly six months to go until the release of Captain America: Civil War, Marvel still hasn’t released so much as a single official image from the movie. While rumours point to the trailer possibly coming with Spectre or Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans are obviously anxious for a first look at the movie in order to get a glimpse of the new Spider-Man.

Well, while we still don’t know what Spider-Man’s costume is going to look like, an Instagram post from actor Tom Holland at least offers up a hint of Peter Parker’s appearance!

As you can see, the young British actor has really bulked up in recent months for his role in Captain America: Civil War, while his current haircut is almost identical to how Peter looked in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series. Whether or not he’ll look this way in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains to be seen, but you can’t deny that he embodies the iconic hero perfectly!

Holland’s Instragram account has been a good way to win over sceptical fans so far, with his flips in particular showing that he’s certainly athletic enough to play Spider-Man. Now, here’s hoping we get that first look at him in the first Marvel Phase 3 movie sooner rather than later…

Hair cut or the Johnny Depp look?

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