'Civil War' comic book writer doesn't think Spider-Man needs to unmask in 'Captain America: Civil War'

One of the biggest moments in Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Civil War comic book came when Peter Parker unmasked in front of the world and revealed that he had been Spider-Man since the age of 15. This sent ripples across the Marvel Universe and shook the character’s status quo up in a major way (which unfortunately led to “One More Day”).

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s obvious that Spider-Man won’t be unmasking, especially as he’s just a teenager and we’ll be meeting him at the start of his career as a superhero in Captain America: Civil War. That’s obviously upset some fans, but as it turns out, not even Millar thinks it’s a moment which is necessary in the 2016 release.

“People remember that because it was such a good stunt. It’s a seven-issue series, which is 150 pages or something, and Spider-Man appears it it for three pages, one of which is a splash. It was such a tiny part of it. To be honest, it was just a way of boosting up our sales. We were just sitting there thinking, what can we do with Spider-Man for three pages? And that worked.”

While the Kick-Ass creator refers to it being just a stunt, Peter unmasking was still a major moment in Spider-Man’s history and one a lot of people would have liked to see recreated on the big screen. How about you? Would you like to see Spidey reveal his identity in Captain America: Civil War? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.