'Spider-Man' director Jon Watts reveals Peter Parker's age and what makes Tom Holland right for the role

Very little is known about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man at this stage, though Kevin Feige has of course previously confirmed that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will be a high school student and have a unique homemade costume of some sort when we first meet him in next year’s Captain America: Civil War.

Talking to Empire Magazine recently, Spider-Man reboot director Jon Watts was reluctant to give too much away, but did let one very interesting titbit slip about the age of the young hero. “There are only so many times you can kill Uncle Ben,” he said, referencing the decision to skip retelling the wall-crawler’s origin story. “I love the idea of makiking a coming-of-age high-school movie. We’re really going to see Peter Parker in high school and get deeper into that side of it. He’s just 15 now.”

That matches up to the character’s age in the comic books when he was bitten by the radioactive spider and pretty much debunks recent silly rumours that Peter will have secretly been Spider-Man for a year and become something of an urban legend during that period.

Moving on, and something which has impressed a lot of fans about Tom Holland in recent months are the athletic abilities he’s been showing off on his social media accounts. While he’s obviously going to need to bring more than just that to the role, Watts too is clearly impressed.

“Tom was pretty perfect,” he added. “He’s very athletic. He can actually do a backflip! If he didn’t already capture the spirit of the character, with that on top the kid is Spider-Man.”