Drew Goddard describes 'Sinister Six' as the epic Spider-Man movie of his dreams

At one point, Sony were adamant on making Sinister Six and Venom happen. However, Marvel Studios clearly talked them out of that when the deal was made for Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as both movies have now been indefinitely delayed. There’s a chance they could still become a reality further down the line, but with The Amazing Spider-Man universe no longer in existence, both would need to be retooled in a major way.

A Sinister Six movie of some sort is still a dream for many fans, but only if it involves Spider-Man. Talking at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote The Martian, Sinister Six writer and director Drew Goddard had this to say about the planned spinoff.

“On the off-chance we actually get to make it one day I want to keep it sort of quiet, but it was the epic Spider-Man movie of my dreams,” he revealed.”Yeah, no, look, I loved it. We were deep in pre-production when the Sony hack happened and it was sad to see everything go down. But welcome to Hollywood.”

The information revealed about the movie during the Sony Hack didn’t paint the movie in a particularly favourable light, both in terms of casting and the few story details which were revealed. The news that Sony had been talking to Marvel about making a deal for Spider-Man also forced their hand, and whether or not the two studios turn to Goddard in bringing this villainous team to the big screen remains to be seen as of right now…

SOURCE: CraveOnline