Andrew Garfield reflects on his "beautiful" and "disenchanting" time as Spider-Man

You’ve got to feel for Andrew Garfield. The entire press tour for 99 Homes has been spent talking almost exclusively about his time as part of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, but his comments have been both very insightful and telling.

The British actor has obviously been careful not to say anything too bad (spilling the beans on the behind the scenes issues which plagued the movies would not have been smart, and could have had an impact on his chances of getting work in Hollywood in the future; see: Fantastic Four director Josh Trank), but he hasn’t shied away from sharing his feelings on the entire process.

“There were beautiful things about it and also privileged things about it which I struggled with and then some really disenchanting things that happened,” he revealed in what seems like a definite reference to the way the franchise was quickly wrapped up by Sony as they embarked on a deal with Marvel Studios to reboot the franchise.

“Hollywood is the epicentre of worldly values where a piece of art is judged, not on how many lives it touches or what change it makes, but as long as that film makes money,” Garfield continued. “Only then is it a success. Or as long as that film gets awards then it’s a success, its worthy to be here. I feel lucky that I now have that awareness that something is damaging and can separate me from just being in the world, and I really want to be in the world even though it’s painful. I’d much rather be in the world than in some ivory tower somewhere.”

It’s clear that while he’s grateful for his time spent working on The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Garfield doesn’t look back on the whole experience with in a particularly happy way. That’s understandable and it’s hard not to feel for the guy. Will you miss him as Spider-Man?

SOURCE: The Independent