Andrew Garfield breaks his silence, finally comments on Tom Holland as Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise had its fair share of problems, but Andrew Garfield wasn’t one of them. He was an amazing Spider-Man (pun intended) but his reign was cut short due to Sony striking a deal with Marvel for the future of the character.

ET caught up with Garfield at a Hollywood event last night, and got his thoughts on Tom Holland being cast as the new web-slinger. Here’s what he had to say:

“It feels lovely, especially because Tom Holland is a really, really great actor. He was in this movie The Impossible and he was just this incredibly powerful, sensitive, just wonderful young actor.”

“And [he’s] a dancer, so his body’s the right [form].”

Garfield also seemed a bit relieved that someone else was taking on the role, allowing him to just be a fan again. “I’m just really excited to just be a fan again as opposed to bearing the weight of it,” Garfield admitted.