More details on Spider-Man's suit in 'Captain America: Civil War' revealed

What is Spider-Man going to look like in Captain America: Civil War? We know he’ll be played by Tom Holland and Kevin Feige has confirmed that he’ll don a “homemade” costume, but what it’s actually going to look like remains a mystery at this point, and there’s no word on when we’ll get any sort of official reveal.

With Sony Hack emails pointing to Peter Parker eventually wearing the Iron Spider costume and recent reports indicating that he’ll have a look which is drastically different to the comic books, it’s hard to put a finger on what Marvel Studios are planning for the wall-crawler both next year and in 2017. However, a new report may have shed some light on at least one of his looks in Captain America: Civil War next year.

Apparently the suit will be red and blue (not black as some recent reports have stated) with black webbing. It’s also going to be, “an Avengers-friendly version of the traditional Spider-suit, complete with detailing reminiscent of costumes like Captain America’s Avengers movie suits.”

That’s a very interesting comparison, and Marvel clearly want to give Spider-Man a costume which will fit into the world they’ve created with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It also sounds like the blue is dark enough to pass for black, so it could be that they’re looking at Steve Ditko’s work for inspiration…that’s no bad thing! Hopefully we’ll get some more definite news on Spidey’s suit sooner rather than later (D23 is next week after all), but let us know your thoughts on these new rumoured details below.