Chris Miller promises animated 'Spider-Man' movie won't be "another Peter Parker origin story"

Much to the relief of, well, everyone, Sony are teaming up with Marvel Studios for Spider-Man’s next live-action solo movie. That’s led to both Sinister Six and Venom being put on hold (that untitled female-led spinoff has also been put to one side by the looks of it), but Sony are still forging ahead with an animated Spider-Man feature.

We know it’s not going to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but who or what it will focus on isn’t clear.

Co-writer Chris Miller – he’ll reteam with regular collaborator Phil Lord to write the movie, but The LEGO Movie helmers likely won’t direct because they’re tackling the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology movie – wouldn’t shed any light on that in a recent interview, but did promise that it’s going to be something very different.

“I can’t really talk too much about that project. Much like the Han Solo, it is shrouded in secrecy, so I can’t really talk about it. But I will say, it is not just another Peter Parker origin story that you’ve seen 400 times. It is something totally unique and different and not like anything you’ve seen. That’s all I can say… and you’re going to love it!”

Could that mean the movie is going to focus on another Spider-Man? Miles Morales perhaps? We’re just going to have to wait and see…