Is this the look Spider-Man will have in 'Captain America: Civil War'?

Kevin Feige has said that Spider-Man will be wearing a “homemade” costume in Captain America: Civil War that’s different to anything we’ve ever seen before, but did you expect a suit like this?

According to a new report, the image above is very close to the look Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will have when he makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut next year. If it seems familiar, that’s probably because it’s a piece of fan-art which has been online since 2012, but Latino-Review claims their source – who has seen the actual suit – sent it to them in order to offer up an idea as to what Marvel are going for.

For that reason, the big screen version is likely to have a lot of differences, but if this is indeed the version Marvel and Sony have gone for, it certainly stands out from what’s come before!

Of course, this is just Peter’s first costume and it really does look like something a teenager would make. “Sony Hack” emails from last year indicated that Tony Stark will give Peter the Iron Spider suit so he can properly protect himself while fighting crime, and that will more than likely be what he’s wearing come 2017…

Will we ever get to see the classic red and blue costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? That remains to be seen!

SOURCE: Latino-Review