Why is Spider-Man star Tom Holland hanging out with Jon "The Punisher" Bernthal?

Update: Turns out Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal are shooting a new movie, Pilgrimage, together. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to see the two actors on a Marvel set!

Tom Holland has shared a very interesting photo of him and Jon Bernthal at an undisclosed location via his Instagram account. For those of you who may not have heard, The Walking Dead and Fury star was recently cast as The Punisher in season two of Daredevil, making this image all the more intriguing

Could it be that Bernthal is going to make a cameo appearance in Captain America: Civil War?

The character played a pivotal role in the comic book version of the story when he saved Spider-Man from Iron Man’s Thunderbolts and delivered the injured wall-crawler to Captain America’s anti-registration team. Introducing The Punisher here would be a great way to get fans excited for Daredevil and helps to tie the two worlds together.

The Punisher actually debuted in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man when he tried to take out the wall-crawler, so there are really a lot of possibilities for how he could be handled in this movie. The two actors being in the same place at the same time can’t just be a coincidence. Of course, with Daredevil currently shooting in New York, perhaps Spider-Man is set to guest-star in that series.

We’ll have to wait and see! Do you think this photo means anything?

Had an amazing time hanging with this guy. Much love brother. #pilgrimage #brothers.

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