Sam Raimi shares his thoughts on Marvel’s plans for Spider-Man

Sam Raimi directed two spectacular Spider-Man movies and one pretty awful one, but Spider-Man 2 is still hailed as one of the greatest comic book movies of all-time regardless.

It was rumoured at one point that Sony were considering bringing him back to the franchise before making a deal with Marvel Studios, and while he doesn’t discuss that here, the filmmaker does weigh in with his thoughts on what Marvel has planned for the iconic superhero.

“I’m really glad Marvel’s taking it to high school. I think that’s gonna be refreshing, and just like my favourite of the Spider-Man comic books. I have a lot of faith that they really know their stuff.”

As for what he hopes to see explored in the 2017 reboot, he added: “I’d like to go into his high school life and his relationships with Gwen Stacy. I love Flash Thompson. The drama and the difficulty of going through high school is so unique to a superhero, that’s what Spider-Man’s all about, so that they’re going to explore that is very exciting.”

As for his thoughts on Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man movies, Raimi remained diplomatic, saying only: “Oh yeah, I saw them both; they were great.” That’s a diplomatic answer…