Tom Holland heads to the gym to prepare for role as Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man

Tom Holland is expected to report to the set of Captain America: Civil War any day now, and when he does, the actor will apparently spend around a week in Atlanta to shoot his cameo appearance in the highly anticipated movie.

The actor has already shown off his athleticism on Instagram with some skilful flips (something even Kevin Feige commented on during Ant-Man’s press tour), but it now appears as if he’s heading to the gym to bulk up in preparation for joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It already looks like Holland is in good shape, and Spidey has never been a hugely muscular character, but working out certainly won’t hurt. He’ll need to be in shape for all those inevitable action scenes and wire work, that’s for sure.

Based on how Marvel and Sony have transformed actors like Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd, there’s no need to worry about Holland looking the part anyway!

New glasses and it’s time for the gym!!!

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