Spider-Man is by far the most profitable superhero in the world

Marvel have a much greater presence on the big screen, so it makes sense that they’re winning the war with DC in terms of licensing revenue. However, while The Avengers might be the biggest superhero movie of all-time with a box office haul of $1.5 billion, it’s Spider-Man who is bringing in the big bucks for Marvel!

Ultimately, licensing revenue is just as important for a studio as what they make from the movies themselves due to the fact that toys and merchandise are such huge sellers when any marketable big budget blockbuster hits your local theater.

Despite the fact that Marvel don’t hold those all important movie rights to Spider-Man, they do hold the licensing ones, and the iconic superhero made them over $1.3 billion last year. Believe it or not, that’s roughly four times what The Avengers brought in with a total of $325 million. That’s obviously quite a difference!

Batman and Superman are obviously very popular for DC, but both pale in comparison to Spidey! Now, if only Marvel held the movie rights too, eh?


SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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