Kevin Feige responds to those rumors about Spider-Man joining 'The Avengers'

Marvel today announced their full Phase 3 slate, with characters like Black Panther, Captain Marvel and the Inhumans all getting their own movies. Missing from this list was Spider-Man, a character who has recently been rumoured to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe despite being owned by Sony.

Despite the fact that Captain America: Civil War was made official for 2016, there was no mention of Spidey being included in the adaptation of the story which saw him reveal his identity to the world and fight for both sides.

However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was quizzed by one fan about the rumors, and he responded: “Anything that wasn’t specifically and obviously revealed today is either not true at all, or still rumor until it’s worked out.”

It would be easy to read into these comments and assume that maybe a deal is being worked out, but as secret identities won’t play a huge role in this version of Civil War (it’s more about being forced to work with the government apparently), Marvel don’t really need Spider-Man in their big screen adaptation.

Black Panther is being introduced in Captain America: Civil War and the hunt for Bucky will continue, so there probably won’t be room for him anyway. Of course, there’s a chance it could still happen! What do you think?