Marc Webb talks ‘The Sinister Six’ and comments on deleted scene featuring Norman Osborn (video)

In select stores, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes bundled with a disc containing a featurette which teases The Sinister Six and the future of the franchise. That has now found its way online, and can be viewed above!

Highlights include director Marc Webb explaining that the cryogenically frozen head of Norman Osborn was originally included in the movie so he could be brought back for the sequel. Take the fact that it ended up being cut as you will!

Other reveals include the fact that the man in the shadows was originally set to be Electro before he was reworked into The Gentleman, something which many fans believed to the case after he first appeared in The Lizard’s prison cell.

Webb also confirms that the villains seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s end credits sequence may not be in The Sinister Six, but did also point out that the mask was for Mysterio and not The Chameleon. As a result, the whole thing feels a little pointless now, but it did work as a teaser for Drew Goddard’s spin-off !