New ‘Sinister Six’ Promo for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ features Vulture concept art and more (video)

If you buy The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Target, you’ll get an extra disc which offers up some new information about what Sony has in store for The Sinister Six.

In the video above, we get an idea of what to expect from the featurette, including comments from Stan Lee and director Marc Webb. A number of villains are highlighted (including Venom), but that’s not necessarily an indication of what we should expect from the roster in Drew Goddard’s movie.

We also get a glimpse of that deleted scene featuring Norman Osborn’s severed head and designs for Doctor Octopus’ arms and The Vulture’s wings. How this will all come into play now that Sony seem to be rethinking their plans for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise remains to be seen…